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Patrick: The Original Chef

Having starred in his very own cookery show, the lovely Patrick is a real culinary genius!


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Mimi: The Traditional Chef

Mimi trained at Ballymaloe cookery school in Ireland.  Now that she's a pro - she'll be sharing her secret to crispyness with you on Day 19 and on Day 8 she'll explain why poaching your fish is so essential.

Andre: The Seasoned Chef

Our Andre has worked in some world renowned kitchens from L'Atelier to Chez Bruce in London.  Don't miss out on his eye opening tutorial for the perfect steak on our first email on Day 1! 

Victoria: The Nutritional Chef

After training at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, the wonderful Victoria has a focus on all things nutrition. Signup to get your eyes on her secret pesto formula on Day 3.